Friday, September 21, 2012

fall break

School is inching towards the unbearable yet again, and I'm getting burnt out on reading poetry and running the same traffic-y strips of concrete over and over again. I also might be turning into a vampire from spending so much time in the darkroom for photography class. (Totally worth the lack of Vitamin D, by the way. I'll share some sweet black and whites later on.)

My huge and imposing Senior Independent Study project (it's so important it gets a capitalized name) is coming along nicely. I'll be spending this year producing a magazine about the outdoors in Ohio. Hopefully people will read it and enjoy it so I can feel justified in getting shitfaced with the rest of the senior class in March.

So for fall break (those blessed four days off from school) I'm planning dusting off my mountain bike for a tiny vacation. I'm trying to hit all the best singletrack in Ohio and write some trail reviews along the way.

While it's not quite as grand as a trip to Colorado, it'll be nice to get out of Wooster for a while. I need some more trees in my life.

Any other suggestions are welcome.


  1. Would love to see your photography stuff. Btw, your map looks like a big jelly fish invading northeast ohio.

  2. we still using film? I loved hanging in the dark room in the day...but I didn't know they still exist! look forward to seeing your work!

  3. Great, engaging writing, Colleen! I wonder if we could post your outdoor mag on taf site. New site going live soon!