once upon a time in New Zealand...

During my spring semester in 2012, I went to New Zealand with the crew from Arcadia University at Victoria University. Here's the highlight list. 

1. In the first couple weeks, we got ourselves oriented and nearly froze to death on the Tongariro Crossing.

3. Fell in love with Wellington and its outer limits.

4. Spent a ridiculously awesome weekend at Abel Tasman National Park.

5. Nearly broke both my legs at a trail race and then drank lots of coffee.

6. Met an orc.

7. Spent two incredible weeks exploring on the South Island, being trapped on a tour bus, and hiking the Kepler Track with my pal Lauren.

8. Ate lots of great food.

9. Ran the Wellington half marathon to avoid excessive weight gain.

10. Turned 21, fulfilled a celebrity dream.

11. Road tripped by myself to explore the far north.

12. And made some ultra-cool friends from all around the world.

... and every once in a while I went to class.

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