race-type things

Inspired by the dad-ism: Just get out in front and stay there.

And by these wonderful girls.


3k: 11:12 (2010 Indoor Conference Meet, Denison, OH)

5k: 18:26 (2011, Wooster track)

6k: 22:33 (2011, NCAA Regional Meet, Oberlin, OH) 

5 miles: 36:03 (2010 Jim Dunn Fun Run, Morgantown, WV)

10k: 42:30 *injury (2011 All-Ohio meet)

Trail 10k: 52:00 (2011 Independence Day Trail Run, Breckenridge, CO)

8 miles: 1:16 (2011 Howelson Hill 8-miler, Steamboat Springs, CO)

10.5 miles: 1:33 (2011 Salt Fork Trail Run, OH)

13.1: 1:37:11 (2012 Armstrong Motor Group Half Marathon, Wellington, NZ)

*subject to change. You know, when I make the Olympic team.

Plus a handful of mountain bike races that I don't keep track of nearly as well. But here's a nice picture:

Frick Park, Pittsburgh PA