Sunday, February 3, 2013

wooster weekends

This is a typical winter Sunday. I spend a lot of time inside, observing my cat.

I hang out in my flannel pj's until about 11:00, when I start thinking about working on I.S. 

The physical copy is in its final stages (!). Notice the orange pen scribbled all over. That's a sign of good progress.  I'm trying to get it finished so I can go on spring break with the track team and spend a week lounging on the beach without worrying about finishing my graduation requirements. Also, I'm really enjoying my new cookbook and Spotify subscription, because they're superb distractions.

After spending so much time working on writing, layout, and editing makes me realize how much work goes into a monthly magazine. With that perspective, I feel like I've had a pretty leisurely timeframe. Six months for one issue? No problem. 
Speaking of track, indoor season is in full swing. Three days a week, we run at breakneck speed around a 200-meter oval. We race on the weekends. I've done two 5k's so far, and they haven't been as dismally slow as I'd expected, given the kind of training I did over winter break. Turns out trail running, wine drinking, and doing a couple P-90x workouts doesn't translate to intense track running. Who knew? (I did.)
Counting down the months till graduation. We've only got three. In a way, that seems like forever, but I know it's going to fly past.

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