Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ready or not.

I've spent the past 24 hours packing, unpacking, and repacking my suitcase. I'm sure I've probably forgotten something.

I found out that things cost a heck of a lot more in New Zealand than they do in Pennsylvania. For instance, a mid-grade 29er mountain bike runs for about $4000. Shipping my bike through UPS would be upwards of $800, which is probably more than my bike is even worth. But flying with it would only be about $200. If my decision is between $200 and not having a bike to ride, I'd rather pay the money and have some form of transportation.

So yesterday Montana helped me stuff my bike into a box from an extra-small Cannondale Quick. It barely fit, but at least I can haul it by myself. Now I'm pretty much all ready.

I just got in a quick morning run, so I'm off to the airport. This should be interesting.

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