Saturday, February 11, 2012

silliness and phones

So have you heard of McSweeney's, the publishing house Dave Eggers started in San Francisco? If not, check it out right now.

I think McSweeney's is terrific. They publish some good books with cool cover art. But I also adore their daily humor website McSweeney's Internet Tendency. I can click around there for hours, especially when I'm avoiding important things. The humor's just on the edge of high-brow -- hilarious, yet far surpassing my own writing skill (and comedic skill).

Yesterday I stumbled across Eric Torres' Open Letter to the Fastest Jogger at the Park. What a gem:
"Are you [Fastest Jogger] even bothered by the peril and dishonor of being forced to blaze your glorious trail amongst contemptuous indifference to your need for space? You may be filled with righteous indignation, fastest jogger at the park, but you did not show it today. From the moment you exploded into my life at the forest’s entrance until you disappeared from my sight in the midst of those skittish Japanese tourists, you wore a countenance of singular determination.... if the Gods find me a worthy vessel for the tale of one so fast, I will dedicate my life to singing your deeds."
I know everyone's seen that guy. The one with the GPS watch and the short shorts? Heck, you might have even been that guy barreling down the walking path and sneering at the wretched pedestrians.

Here's another good one about running: Comments from the crowd gathering around the body of Phidippides after he died.
“Gosh, he must have run five, six miles. He looks beat.”
Har, har. The Lit major in me really likes that one. I'm giggling over my espresso and my horn-rimmed glasses.

AND another wonderful thing. My dear friend Anna was in New Zealand last semester. She very kindly mailed me her Kiwiphone! It's even fully charged! What a doll.

The only sad thing: I don't know how to dial New Zealand phone numbers. There's an addition sign in front of all of them. Is that the zero button? I'm baffled.

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  1. I last charged that some time in January, and it's managed to keep a full battery. That phone is a tank. Even on one bar of battery life, you will still be able to furiously text for at least a few hours. And yeah, most NZ numbers start with a +, but that's nothing you need to worry about, the phone puts it in there. It's to show the country code I think. You'll figure it out :)

  2. The + is just a symbol to indicate that you may need dial the country code or other additional numbers in front of the regular phone numbers. The "international" code for U.S. numbers is +1, so +1-202-555-1212.