Monday, February 6, 2012

"caveman says..."

Montana and I went on an awesome hike on Saturday. It snowed for the first time in two weeks, so we could see all the tracks on the trail. My Paleolithic instincts told me that something was stalking a couple humans ahead of us. A predator can always sense another animal on the hunt.
I stalked their tracks through the forest and found this fellow.
His name was Thor. He seemed like a fearsome brute, but not a bear. My senses need more honing.

For the past couple days, I've been spewing misremembered Paleo-Diet wisdom to anyone who will listen and referring to myself as the gender-neutral "Paleolithic Man".

"Paleolithic man wouldn't eat that doughnut."
"Paleolithic man needs to replenish the glycogen stores."
"Paleolithic man didn't wear makeup."
"Paleolithic man wants Tom Brady to lose."

But I'm starting to realize that Cordain's "modern" Paleo diet for athletes is pretty much how I eat normally, minus the occasional bowl of Rice Chex or ice cream. I have been limiting my tortilla chip habit to post-workout carb replacement and eating eggs for breakfast more often, but that's about it. It isn't harder to do without sweet things like cookies since I can't eat wheat products in the first place. I even ordered a "forager salad" from a menu. Then I took Cordain's advice on cheating and ate half Montana's fries.

Plus I did my first solid run in a week without major foot pain. It felt pretty darn great. I didn't even have to hobble around the house later. I must be growing a new Paleolithic bone structure.

For my workout today, I might stalk some deer through the woods.

Pretentious Paleolithic recipes coming up soon!


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