Wednesday, January 9, 2013


An Ohiopyle dog had a litter of puppies a few months ago. A bunch of little labradors got dispersed around town. One puppy went home with Jared and Amanda, the awesome head yogis of Power Yoga Morgantown, one of them went with a student at WVU, and one of them stayed at home with its mom. The runt of the litter ended up with an enormous bearded guy named Grizz, who lives at the White House with Montana. He named her Ursus, the bear.

She is devastatingly cute.

I'm not sure if Grizz thought this one out. He works days. And nights. Meanwhile, Ursa stays in her cage, waiting for him to come back and causing an ungodly ruckus when anyone walks into the house.

So Montana and I have been taking care of her during the day. Mostly to keep her from peeing all over the floor.

The other day we took her on a hike. It took some wrangling, but we eventually got her onto the leash.
 But of course, we had to stop for a play break.
 Before we finally got to the trail.

It was a beautiful day--one of the few days of winter sunshine we'll get all year in Pennsylvania. Ursa loved exploring all the new things in the woods.
 It was a nice hike, but unfortunately we had to take her back home to Grizz.
As much as we'd like to have a dog, both of us think a puppy needs more stable people to take care of it. Someone trying to raise a puppy probably needs to be home for at least a few hours every day to give it some exercise and make sure it doesn't rip apart every sock in the house and pee all over the floor.


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  1. Very nice of you both to care enough to take this pup out to play. Too bad people get pets without thinking of the responsibilities involved.