Tuesday, October 30, 2012

conference 2012

Well, that was exciting.

I went into the race feeling awesome.

About three minutes later, I wasn't feeling quite so awesome. I finished the race about a minute slower than my usual 6k time, feeling like my legs had been run over with a dump truck. Repeatedly. 

Just about to die at the finish line. 

Thankfully, we had an awesome crew of parents grilling their hearts out after the race. Nothing makes up for a bad race like a lukewarm hamburger. Seriously, though. The food was incredible and now I've got enough leftovers to last me a week. 

I'm going to blame my performance on bad weather and not eating enough muffins. So I made a batch last night to counterbalance the Frankenstorm.

These smiling ghosts make me so happy. Recipe here. Ghosts optional. 

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  1. The other option could have been NO hamburger...