Wednesday, July 25, 2012

that time of year.

Time for long rides in the car and long runs in the woods. For bikes and big mountains. For dehydrating in the desert and getting flat tires. For camping under stars and eating pancakes with a spork. Bathing in creeks and sneaking showers in public ice skating rinks. Going broke and forgetting to care.

That's right, friends. It's Colorado time again.

The truck's all packed, the camera's charged, and my new bike's dialed in. I relinquished the 30-pound Karate Monkey and ended my brief affair with riding a big gear on a single speed - it's got a happy new home in New Zealand now. Instead I decided on an uber-tiny EMD from Niner. I've never had such a nice bike in my life. Hopefully I won't break it.

In a couple hours Montana and I are off to Vermont, where he'll be riding in the Single Speed USA race and I'll be eating chocolate and heckling him on foot since I no longer own a single speed. Then we'll head out to Colorado for some sweet trail riding/running and the Breck Epic (where I'll work on my aid station Hammer Gel refilling skillz), and then we've got to roll back across the country to dear old Wooster, Ohio so I can start real life and cross country training again.

It's going to be pretty great.

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