Friday, March 30, 2012

friday bus trip

Today I did a blissfully smooth long run on the road. After last weekend's trail debacle, I'm okay with some concrete.

The sun was still shining bright at noon, and there was a 0% chance of rain. I couldn't make myself go to school. So my friend and I hopped on a bus in Wellington and rode it to the end of the route. We ended up a couple miles south of the city at a place called Island Bay. Here's what we found:

A long coastal track goes around the bays. You can either walk it or take a 4WD vehicle up the gravel path. We saw a few burly Jeeps and a whole bunch of dusty station wagons. Apparently the gravel branches off into a trail that winds up into the hills by my house. We didn't quite make it that far.

There's an official name for this place, but people call it Red Rocks. Creative.

We barely had time to check out the rocks before it started getting chilly and I started feeling guilty about the homework I didn't do. Whatever. Talking about Little Women doesn't quite take priority here.

I'm planning on taking my bike out there on Sunday.

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