Tuesday, March 13, 2012

fish and chips... not a fan

Last night the folks at Victoria University's res life program had a free fish and chip dinner for the apartments on my block. If you're from the Land of the Free, fish and chips = battered fried fish and french fries wrapped in a paper bag.

I chose the gluten-free option, which was veggie pizza. But I stole a bunch chips because I'm undernourished. They were overwhelmingly greasy and - to my American palate - quite under-salted. I used lots of ketchup. The other kids picked at their greasy whitefish, which might have been cod. It looked a little limp. I wasn't upset that I missed out.

I walked away from the dinner feeling oily and heavy. My run this morning was extra hilly to make up for all the saturated fat squishing around in my system.

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