Monday, July 18, 2011

colorado, synopsis

"Man, I feel pretty gross. I seriously need a shower."

"I just got one in the locker room at the ice rink. The guy working at the desk looked like he wanted to make me leave, but I don't think he had the heart."


"Just make sure you dress really preppy. They won't say anything to you because you're cute. I just look like a dirty hippie."

"Okay. I think I'll eat some canned soup for lunch today."

That exchange pretty much sums up our trip. We found out that we could go for about 2 days without showering, since the humidity level in Colorado is so low. But then we'd start feeling kind of grimy and dusty, so we had to steal cleanliness from places like the community ice arena in Breckenridge.

Since I've been home, I've been working every day to try to earn back all the money I blew on gas and burgers in the Great American West. My attention span for blogging is incredibly low.

So I'm copping out on writing. For your enternatainment, I put together some of my favorite pictures, hopefully in chronological order.

Here's our route:

For the record, we didn't go to New Mexico or Utah. It turns out that those places are really damn hot in July (we learned this when we got a flat on the side of the road outside of Grand Junction).

So we mostly stuck to the mountains, ran around on fun trails, and drank a whole lot of coffee.

It begins:

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