Tuesday, June 28, 2011

winners on the road

The 2-time champions of the Wilderness Voyageurs annual Beer & Gear 5k. We're kind of a power couple now, I guess.

To celebrate our victory, we've headed off to stay with some friends in Colorado.

We just finished a marathon 24-hour drive from the humid hills of Pennsylvania to damp coldness in Lake Hope State Park, Ohio to terrifying tornado-style storms in Missouri to flat aridity and cornfields in Kansas. And Boulder - so far - is absolutely worth the misery we went through to get here. It's quite lovely.

In the morning today I went running and had delusions about joining the Colorado University distance team. I jogged along the path marveling at how everyone here looks like a professional athlete. I tried to fix my form and tighten up my abs to look a little bit less like a flabby Pennsylvanian.

Then we rode our bikes up into some hills.

That 20-mile ride was the longest I've been on a bike since I gave myself a concussion at a mini-enduro in Ohio. This one went way better. I didn't wreck, but I did have to walk down some descents and get ridiculed by little kids doing trail maintenance.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around on Pearl Street in a delirium of outdoor retail shops and cafes. And then we were really worn out from all the UV exposure, so we went to a Colorado-based pizza chain. I ate some of the best gluten-free pizza I've ever had. And now I'm just feeling really sunburned and sleepy.

This place is darn cool.

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  1. That would totally make you a power couple! I wish I could do some outdoor activities around here!